Roush's Restaurant Family Style Cooking
Our last day of operation will be October 30th, 2015.



We sadly announce Roush’s last day of operation will be October 30th.

Many of you know Roush’s has been for sale for more than a year.  It was our hope Roush’s would move on to the third generation of owners, for the benefit of the employees, the many faithful and loyal patrons, as well as the Fairborn community.  It appears now that won’t be happening, Mike is ready to retire and spend more time with family and friends (and the yard).  We decided to let our employees know in advance of the closing to help allow time for them to seek other employment.  We also wanted to let our loyal clientele know so they may come and enjoy their favorite Roush’s entree.

Roush’s has provided a wonderful place to work and eat since 1961.  The former owners Walt Roush and Art McGuffey ran a good business from 1961-1988 and were Roush’s has continued to be a place where friends gather. We hope that Roush’s has been a great place to work and our employees have enjoyed working for us as much as we’ve enjoyed them.  The restaurant has provided Mike a wonderful work life and has allowed him to happily retire.

As I (Mike) move on into retirement I will miss my past and present employees, friends, and all the wonderful customers I have met over the years.  Thank you for all your support.

Mike & Joyce Gharst